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Customer Service

Q.  Can I make a payment with my credit / debit card or Echeck?
A. Credit Card and Echeck payments are being accepted at our office, over the phone, and on our website.


Q.  Can I set up an automatic payment from my checking or saving account or credit card?


A.  Yes Contact the office at 570-647-0275 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Q. Can I pay my bill over the phone anytime?


A. Yes you can call 1-844-932-0230 to pay your bill over the phone 24/7.


Q. Does Central Wayne Regional Authorty have a contactless drop box?


A.  Yes, CWRA installed a payment drop box next to the office front door.


Sewer Issues

Q.  What can I do about root infiltration in my lateral?
A.  Chemicals can be purchased at many home supply stores to dissolve root infiltration.  If the chemicals do not solve the problem, contact a plumber.
Q.  I have a sewer odor in my basement, what can I do?
A.  If you have sewer facilities in your basement and they haven't been used, the water in the trap may have evaporated allowing the open pipe to become a vent to the sewer.  Resolve this by running water through the facilities.  If this does not resolve it, contact your plumber.
Q.  Water lays in my yard in a heavy rain, is my sanitary sewer clogged?
A.  CWRA only handles sanitary sewer.  Rainwater runoff should flow into the storm sewer.
Q.  I get water in my basement, can I use a sump pump to pump the water into my sewer line?
A.  No, water infiltration in a basement must be pumped outside the house and not into the sewer line.
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