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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Treasurer Timothy Moffitt;  Secretary James LaPoint; Assistant Secretary George Firmstone; Solicitor Anthony Magnotta; Engineer Bryon Killian; Tammy Jensen, Administration;  Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent; Sharon Kinzinger, Plant Operator.



Assistant Treasurer James Brennan, Vice-Chairman John Haggarty


Pledge of Allegiance


Attorney Jeff Treat



On a motion made by Timothy Moffitt and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved the meeting minutes from September 26, 2016 as presented.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                             Mr. Moffitt, Yes

Mr. LaPoint, Yes                                  Mr. Haggarty, Absent

Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Absent


Solicitor’s Report

ReLTEK Railroad Crossing:

I have forwarded correspondence to ReLTEK outlining the Authority’s concerns regarding correspondence which the Authority received from ReLTEK regarding taking over responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of the railroad crossing currently being utilized by Nola Michael Holding Corp., the Authority and the Volunteer Fire Companies upon property of Nola Michael Holding Corp.  I have a telephone conference set up with Paul Catania from ReLTEK to discuss this matter on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.  I will report back to the Board after my conference with Mr. Catania.

White Mills Project:

A second attempt to serve the Wendy’s Condemnation upon the property owner Klas1-LP has ended with the Luzerne County Sheriff’s office indicating that the documents need to be reinstated.  The Sheriff of Wayne County forwarded the documents along with reinstatement that was filed to the Sheriff, however, the documents were returned by the Luzerne County Sheriff.  At this point I will be requesting the Court for personal service by a Constable at the next Motions Court.

With respect to the Gaik Condemnation it is my understanding that the property owners have not received an appraisal at the present time.  I would seek authority from the Board to offer the sum of $25,000.00 which is just several thousand dollars more than offered to Mr. Rose.  I think it would be much more appropriate to attempt settlement of this matter than to go forward with prolonged litigation.

The survey has been completed on the Arthur Rose property and the Conditioning Station Easement has been drafted by my office.

RUS Financing:

The preliminary Title Report and Right of Way Report needs to be executed upon receiving notification that Wendy’s and Mandeville have been served with their Condemnations.

Component 3M Submission:

I will defer to the Engineers to discuss the withdrawal of the Component 3M application.  It was necessary to withdraw the application for several reasons and it is my understanding that a new application will be prepared and submitted to DEP for the White Mills Project.



On a motion made by Timothy Moffitt and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved a $20,000 offer to John & Christine Gaik for an easement on their property for the White Mills Sewer Project with a counter offer not to exceed $25,000.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes

Mr. Haggarty, Absent             Mr. Theobald, Yes

Mr. Brennan, Absent              Mr. Firmstone, Yes


Engineer’s Report

    1. Leeward Construction: $379,996.00
    2. Pay Application #2: $80,865.23 (Recommended for Payment)
    3. Change Order (To be Established at End)
      1. Lowered 147 Feet of Sewer Main
      2. Reset 1 Manhole
      3. Reconnected 2 Laterals
    4. Permits:
      1. PennDOT – Received
      2. Borough Road Opening – Received
      3. GP-11 – Submitted (Under Review)
    5. Schedule:
      1. Construction Start: August 29, 2016
      2. Substantial Completion: End of October/Beginning of November
    1. Letter from DEP to continue onto Phase II (Rescinded September 14, 2016)
    2. Draft NPDES Permit Amendment Issued October 14, 2016 (30-day Comment Period)
      1. Compliance Date for Total Copper, Lead, and Zinc Changed to May 1, 2019
      2. TRE Compliance Dates:



Progress Reports on TRE Efforts

Every 3 Months Beginning December 1, 2016


Submit Phase I

July 31, 2017


Start Phase II

Within 30 Days of Notice from DEP to Proceed


Submit Phase II

December 2, 2018



    1. Final Design
      1. Conditioning Station
    2. Permitting (New Changes)
      1. GP-5
        1. Submitted New Forms/Regulations
        2. Awaiting for Submerged Land License Agreement
          1. Needed prior to GP-5 Issuance
      2. Component 3M for Properties along Route 6
        1. Recommended Withdrawal of Plan
        2. Need to Re-Advertise and Submit without Expanded Service Area
  2. 4) SBR TANKS
    1. CIM Coatings (Budgetary Costs)
      1. Contractor to wash down, prep, patch and apply CIM coating to the interior of one (1) of the 4 precast tanks
      2. Contractor to install CIM EMT primer and then the CIM 1061 coating system
      3. Cost is $190,000-$200,000 per tank
        1. Includes joint treatment along the precast vertical walls.


* Board member Tim Moffitt attended an on-site meeting regarding paving on Old Willow Avenue today.  Restoration of the road will be discussed with Honesdale Borough.

*  A plan for the TRE will be developed and the PA DEP will be asked to sign off on the plan.  Sampling for the TRE will need to be incorporated into the 2017 budget.

*  The report from WJE regarding the condition of the concrete SBR tanks was discussed. The concrete continues to deteriorate.  An effort is under way to identify an algae that is present on the concrete.

*  The punch list for the Rt.6 Widening Project still needs to be completed by Leeward Construction.  The Authority would like the work completed before the end of the year.

*   The upcoming sewer connection to Aqua’s Quarry Well was discussed.  The discharge from the well will be tested frequently to ensure the discharge is within Authority limits.


Plant Report

  • The monthly discharge monitoring report was reviewed by the Board.
  • SBR Tanks two and three have been drained and cleaned. Minimal grit was in the tanks after the last cleaning two years ago. Tanks will be cleaned on a rotating basis every three years.
  • Dutchland completed a repair to tank two.
  • Don Johnson & Kevin Seipp will be attending training for E/One grinder pumps Tuesday through Thursday this week. They will obtain certification in order to repair the pumps under warranty after they are installed during the White Mills Project.
  • DEP received an odor complaint regarding the Rt.6 Mall pump station.  The DEP inspector did not identify an odor problem upon inspection. The pump station is on regular cleaning schedule each month with Koberlein Inc. Texas Township will be asked to inform the Authority if they receive any complaints.  The mall owned pump stations will need to be inspected.
  • PPL will be installing a chart recorder to detect any abnormal voltage at the Rt.6 Mall pump station for a one week period. The extra pump for the pump station has been repaired.
  • The Honesdale Borough grease trap report was reviewed.  A few businesses needed follow up inspections.  The Honesdale Golf club was sent a notice of violation requiring them to install a new grease trap as the one they have is rusted, which will allow grease to enter the Authority’s collection system.  They were given 30 days to install the new trap.


Collection System Report

  • Rt. 6 Widening Project – The paving is complete, but there are still punch list items to complete.
  • Old Willow Avenue – Mainline and laterals are complete from Manhole #3 – Manhole #10.
  • Pioneer is paving Rt.6 Mall parking lot between both entrances in front of Weiss Market.  A frame and cover where given to them to replace on one manhole at the first entrance.

Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • The budget report was reviewed.
  • The PennVest Cherry Ridge loan is scheduled to be paid off in January of 2017.  The Board agreed to make the final payment in December of 2016.


Debt Collection Report

  • 73 initial collection letters were mailed.
  • 25 lien pending notices were sent out.
  • 2 liens were filed with the Wayne County Prothonotary.
  • 1 account is currently involved in Bankruptcy.
  • 6 accounts were filed at the District Magistrate for collection.
  • Municipal liens on properties total $52,615.63.
  • 2 properties had their water terminated in October.
  • 6 accounts are scheduled or have pending Sheriff Sales.
  • Re/Max Wayne has been notified that the property located at 844 Terrace Street does not have sewer service and has been condemned.


On a motion made by Timothy Moffitt and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved a $20,000 payment to Arthur & Susan Rose for an easement for the conditioning station for the White Mills Sewer Project.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. LaPoint, Yes                      Mr. Haggarty, Absent

Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Absent

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes



On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by Timothy Moffitt the Board approved the monthly invoices for payment as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Haggarty, Absent             Mr. Theobald, Yes

Mr. Brennan, Absent              Mr. Firmstone, Yes

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes


Public Comment – none.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 21, 2016.



James LaPoint, Secretary

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