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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Vice-Chairman John Haggarty; Treasurer Timothy Moffitt;  Secretary James LaPoint; Assistant Secretary George Firmstone; Assistant Treasurer James Brennan; Solicitor Anthony Magnotta; Mary Peters, Engineer;  Tammy Jensen, Administration;  Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent.


Pledge of Allegiance





The Board members thanked plant superintendent, Dan Guinther, for his 30 years of service at the wastewater treatment plant.



On a motion made by John Haggarty and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved the meeting minutes from the January 23, 2017 as presented.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                             Mr. Moffitt, Yes

Mr. LaPoint, Yes                                  Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Yes


Solicitor’s Report

Dutchland, Inc.:

The Authority has received a reply from Dutchland, Inc. once again indicating that the decrepitated surface is indicative of a chemical attack which in Dutchland’s opinion is from the waste water being treated at the Central Wayne Regional Authority Waste Water Treatment Plant.  In light of WJE now having twice recommended that the interior of the tanks be coated with a waterproofing membrane and twice indicating that the surface is indicative of chemical attack, it would appear that unless the Authority can definitively dispute the issues raised in both Dutchland’s report and WJE report that the Authority may be forced to attempt to mitigate it’s damage by installation of the membrane and attempt to negotiate a reasonable settlement with reference to the Limited Structural Warranty coverage provided by Dutchland, Inc.

White Mills Project:

  1. Klas1-LP:  Klas1-LP has through Counsel filed a Petition for the Appointment of a Board of View.  A Board of View shall be established to review the property to ascertain whether the compensation offered by the Authority is appropriate for the damage to the remainder of the premises.  The Petition seems to indicate that since the perpetual right-of-way would preclude the construction of any buildings, improvements or structures within the easement area that the amount of compensation being offered by the Authority is insufficient for the loss incurred by Klas1-LP.


The Board of View has been appointed and consist of Jeffrey Treat, Esquire, Chairman; Ronald Thime, a local longtime Real Estate Agent and Michael Wood, a longtime resident, Landscape Architect and former supervisor in Berlin Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.  No date has yet been set for the view of the premises.  I shall keep you notified.

  1. Gaik:  Attorney Rydzewski has indicated to me that the Gaiks have rejected the $25, 0000 offer noted in the minutes of the meeting of the Authority.  I would respectfully request that any further discussion regarding the potential settlement with the Gaiks be conducted in an Executive Session and that there be no reference in the minutes as to the potential impending litigation.

RUS Financing:

Although there are still some outstanding issues with respect to Condemnations, I have presented the Authority with Opinion of Counsel Relative to Rights-of-Way, which shall be forwarded to the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development for use with the Interceptor Project.

The Board intends on contacting Dutchland to set up a meeting to discuss the tank issues.  They are concerned about what will happen if the deterioration continues. Additional professionals will be contacted regarding the tanks. A sample patch may be done to test out tank coating.


Engineer’s Report

  2. Contract #1 and #2
    1. Schedule Attached
    2. Permitting (New Changes)
      1. PennDOT HOP Driveway – To be Submitted this Week
      2. Component 3M – Submitted to DEP
      3. Contract #3 – Interceptor
        1. Schedule Attached
        2. Submitted for RUS Review – About 2 Month Review Time


  2. Leeward Construction: $379,996.00
  3. Requested Meeting
    1. Koberlein Invoice: $1,365.00
      1. Additional Bypass Pumping for Installation of Syphon Manhole
    2. Additional Excavation
    3. Balancing Change Order (To be Established at End)
    4. Complete Paving in Spring

  2. Kleinfelder Proposal: $36,000
  3. Provided Draft Work Plan for Review
    1. No Major Comments – DEP Review


  1. 4) SBR TANKS
  2. CIM Coatings (Budgetary Costs)
    1. Contractor to install CIM EMT primer and then the CIM 1061 coating system
    2. Cost is estimated at $190,000-$200,000 per tank


  1. 5) 2016 Chapter 94 Report
  2. Draft for Review


  2. Need Letter from Authority that they Accept Proposed Discharge

Plant Report

  • The monthly discharge monitoring report was reviewed by the Board. The plant is running well.
  • Excelsior Blower Systems is replacing two silencers on the SBR blowers. The quote for the parts, shipping, and labor is $5,589.46.
  • UGI is doing a gas replacement project on Fair Ave.  Several locations have UGI pipe being laid on top of the Authority’s pipes.  The Authority never received a design one call on the project.  The Authority had their lines and manholes marked as per the Pennsylvania Underground Utility Line Protection Request.  On February 27, 2017, UGI’s contractor, Francelli Excavating, did not follow PA One Call rules and dug right up against the Authority’s manhole with a machine instead of hand digging the required 18” away from the manhole. The contractor then put a piece of cardboard over the manhole and backfilled until repairs could be made.  They did not contact the Authority regarding the manhole damage.  A discussion was held.  The Authority will notify UGI that they are responsible for costs involved in the repair and any future costs necessary to moving the line if the Authority needs to access their sewer lines.

Collection System Report

  • Augello dug up and repaired an 8” terracotta main on Wayne Street.  We added a clean out for future access to that section of the main.
  • Francelli is installing a new gas main on Fair Ave for UGI.  Some of the line is directly on top of our sewer line.  This will make it difficult to repair or replace our line when needed.
  • Reviewed Rt.6 pump station and conditioning station plans and made comments.
  • Soil borings have been completed at the Rt.6 pump station and conditioning station sites.

Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • Correspondence will be sent to The Honesdale National Bank regarding questions about the proposed easement for the White Mills Project.
  • A discussion was held and the returned agreements were reviewed for the Interceptor Project.
  • Sewer terminations were discussed for 141 & 143 Willow Ave, Honesdale. A letter will be sent to the property owner.

Debt Collection Report

  • 64 initial collection letters were mailed.
  • 25 lien pending notices were sent out.
  • 2 liens were filed with the Wayne County Prothonotary.
  • 2 account will be filed with the District Magistrate.
  • Municipal liens on properties total $47,741.75
  • 3 accounts are scheduled or have pending Sheriff Sales.
  • Water terminations will begin April 6th.



On a motion made by Timothy Moffitt and seconded by James LaPoint the Board approved the Executed Agreements for the Interceptor Project as is with any modifications that were made.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                   Mr. Theobald, Yes

Mr. Brennan, Yes                    Mr. Firmstone, Yes



On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by John Haggarty the Board approved the monthly invoices for payment as presented.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. LaPoint, Yes                      Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Yes

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes



Public Comment – none.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

7:36 p.m. The Board entered into an Executive Session to discuss personnel matters.

The Board adjourned the Executive Meeting at 7:45 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for March 27, 2017.




James LaPoint, Secretary

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