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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Vice-Chairman John Haggarty; Treasurer Timothy Moffitt;; Assistant Secretary George Firmstone; Solicitor Anthony Magnotta; Mary Peters, Engineer;  Tammy Jensen, Administration; Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent


Pledge of Allegiance


Secretary James LaPoint and Assistant Treasurer James Brennan



Randy Heller


Randy Heller updated the Board on the Texas Township quarterly grease trap inspections. One business had an unsatisfactory report.  A discussion was held regarding the excessive grease at the Rt.6 Mall. The Authority will notify the private owner of the pump station located behind the mall when they notice any problems with the pump station.  Several business will be notified in Texas Township and Honesdale Borough of the need for additional or larger grease interceptors.



On a motion made by George Firmstone and seconded by Timothy Moffitt the Board approved the March 27, 2017, meeting minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Absent

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                   Mr. Theobald, Yes

Mr. Brennan, Absent              Mr. Firmstone, Yes


Solicitor’s Report


A view was held by the Board of View on April 5, 2017 at the Wendy’s Property.  Subsequent to the Board of View correspondence was received from Attorney Lavelle indicating that his clients did not desire to have any easement located upon their property and requesting that the Board of View not schedule a hearing until such time as the Authority either move the easement or properly marked the easement that is being sought and provides a legal description for the easement.

Subsequent to the View, discussions with Mary Beth Peters and Authority personnel seem to indicate that the Authority may be able to use an existing line which would have less of an impact upon the Wendy’s property.  I would appreciate if the Board would review this matter with counsel and the engineer in an Executive Session so that we may further discuss alternatives with respect to this matter.

Gaik Property

I have reviewed the Board of View and Judge Hamill’s decision with regard to the PP&L matter which apparently views the cutting of a property in half by an easement as in inverse condemnation.  As a result, the Gaik’s have requested seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00) as full and final settlement for the Authority’s easement together with additional considerations that have been previously been discussed with the board.

I would request that this matter be discussed in an Executive Session with the Authority engineer and solicitor.

Dutchland Inc.:

I have once again reviewed the Dutchland Inc. matter and provided an outline of my thoughts considering this matter.  I believe that we should respond to Dutchland Inc., however, our response has to be measured, in that, the Authority has twice been forewarned of the need for a membrane system to be installed in the tanks.  Therefore, any response to Dutchland should be geared toward addressing the specific waste water acidity not being responsible for the damage and should also request an extension for the limited warranty.

RUS Financing:

The Opinion of Counsel relative to Right-of Ways for the Interceptor Project has been completed.  The opinion of counsel with respect to the White Mills project is delayed due to the Gaik and Wendy’s matter.

Scioto-Darby Interceptor Easement:

Scioto-Darby has requested numerous changes with respect to the agreement for preforming of work upon properties where new sewer connections must be made.  I would request that this matter be reviewed by Entech Engineering as to its thoughts regarding the proposed changes before it is voted upon by the Board.

A discussion was held regarding the use of the existing easement on the Wendy’s property in order to complete that portion of the White Mills project. Rutherford Surveying will be contacted to survey the existing easement on the Wendy’s Restaurant property.

A discussion regarding the sewer line on Long Ridge Rd for the White Mills project was discussed. Entech will have the area surveyed and work on a redesign and cost estimate.



On a motion made by John Haggarty and seconded by Timothy Moffitt the Board approved the cost of a survey and resubmittal of permits to PennDOT for the Long Ridge Rd section of the White Mills Project.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                             Mr. Moffitt, Yes

Mr. LaPoint, Absent                            Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Absent


Engineer’s Report

  2. Contract #1 and #2
    1. Sewer Main Easements/Realignments
      1. Wendy’s Property
      2. Gaik Property
    2. Permitting
      1. PennDOT HOP Driveway
      2. Component 3M
      3. Contract #3 – Interceptor
        1. Under RUS Review
          1. Should hear back within the month
    3. Permitting
      1. Borough Road Opening (Need Signature)
      2. PennDOT Utility Permit – To be Submitted this Week
    1. Work Plan Provided to DEP for their Review
  4. 3) SBR TANKS
  5. CIM Coatings
    1. Meeting between Entech, CWRA, and CIM on April 21st
    2. Adhesion Tests this Summer
  7. Leeward Construction: $379,996.00
  8. Balancing Change Order (To be Established at End)
  9. Complete Paving in Spring
    1. Request for PennDOT Permit Extension was submitted

Plant Report

  • The monthly discharge monitoring report was reviewed by the Board.
  • With the rain and snow melt the flows have been high at the plant at one point going over 5 million gpd.
  • Quotes were reviewed for 6th Street project.  Both quotes received were over the written bid threshold. The project will be reviewed for additional options.
  • A discussion was held regarding coating the four SBR tanks.  Approximate cost is $200,000 per tank. Dan showed the board a sample of the CIM coating. Training is available in Boston to oversee the coating process.  Dan is looking at several companies to provide test patches.
  • Excelsior Blower Systems are not sure why the plant blowers failed. The plate broke around each weld. Sampson Welding is trying to repair them.
  • Dan said there a several computer programming issues that need to be addressed.  OCC will be contacted to complete the programming on the slide gate, Cherry Ridge Pump Stations, and Influent Pump Station.  Dan received over 30 alarm calls in one night from the plant.  A business previously hired to do programming never completed the jobs.

Collection System Report

  1. Pioneer Construction connected the service lateral at 1100 Church St. to the main.  When Honesdale Borough originally did the project the lateral was never reconnected.
  2. Replaced 2HP pump at Cadjaw A-10 pump station.
  3. Replaced 5HP pump at Cadjaw B-5 pump station.
  4. Both Cherry Ridge pumps are now at Northend Electric to be rebuilt.
  5. Met with Reinfurt Excavating and Pioneer Excavating to obtain quotes to reroute sewer to the front of building located at 214 6th Street.
  6. The main line crossing at Stanton St. was jetted in order to unplug.
  7. The main line crossing at Riverside Dr. was jetted in order to unplug.
  8. Located existing lines at Wendy’s Restaurant and marked for survey.
  9. A spot check grease trap inspection was done at several locations at the Rt.6 Mall.
    1. Two Guys from Italy’s trap is undersized and the dishwasher needs its own trap. The correct size traps need to be installed and cleaning needs to be increased to twice a week.
    2. Little Caesars in KMART needs to increase their cleaning to twice a month and install a larger grease trap.

10.   The pump station behind the Rt.6 Mall was not working again.  It contains lots of grease. Weekly inspections of the pump station will continue.

11.  Schwarz Associates sealed off the sewer connection to the two old houses next to the dealership and at 135 Willow Ave.

12.  Still waiting for verification that the lateral has been capped at 1854 Fair Ave.


Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • The budget report was reviewed.
  • The increased water usage from Wayne Memorial Hospital was discussed. Flows have increased by 250,000 gallons per month from 2099-2016.  The hospital will be required to purchase additional EDU’s.
  • Reminders were sent to property owners that have not returned their work agreements for the interceptor project.
  • Don and Tammy are working on the letter to PPL regarding the problems at the Rt.6 Pump Station.
  • UGI has been contacted by the Authority and Authority Solicitor regarding the damage done to Authority manholes during their gas replacement project on Fair Ave.
  • RUS will be contacted regarding the process to amend the Engineering and Legal contracts for the White Mills Project.

Debt Collection Report

  • 62 initial collection letters were mailed.
  • 17 lien pending notices were sent out.
  • 3 liens were filed with the Wayne County Prothonotary.
  • Municipal liens on properties total $44,721.03
  • 4 accounts are scheduled or have pending Sheriff Sales.
  • Water terminations are scheduled for May 25th.


On a motion made by Timothy Moffitt and seconded by John Haggarty the Board approved the monthly invoices as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. LaPoint, Absent                Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Absent

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes



Public Comment – none.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for May 22, 2017.




Tammy Jensen, Acting Secretary

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