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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Vice-Chairman John Haggarty; Treasurer Timothy Moffitt; Secretary James LaPoint; Assistant Treasurer James Brennan; Assistant Secretary George Firmstone; Mary Peters, Engineer;  Tammy Jensen, Administration; Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent; Anthony Magnotta, Solicitor.





Pledge of Allegiance


On January 29, 2018, Tammy Jensen polled the Board of Directors via telephone for approval to Issue the Notice to Proceed to Standard Pipe Services, LLC for the Interceptor Rehabilitation Project.

Mr. Theobald – Yes     Mr. Haggarty – Yes     Mr. LaPoint – Yes

Mr. Firmstone – Yes   Mr. Moffitt – Yes        Mr. Brennan – Unavailable



On a motion made by George Firmstone and seconded by James Brennan the Board approved the January 22, 2018 meeting minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                   Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Yes


Solicitor’s Report

  1. 1. Acadia Realty Trust

I am still awaiting word that Acadia’s legal department has accepted the Easement.

  1. 2. Condemnations for Gaik and Wendy’s/Klas1-LP

The Condemnations for Gaik and Klas1-LP have been withdrawn by virtue of executed Stipulation and Order of Court.  Klas1-LP has agreed to execute a Temporary Construction Easement in accordance with drawings done in October 2017 by Entech Engineering Inc.


  1. 3. Hunter Lefkowski

I have been contacted by Attorney Nick Barna who represents Hunter Lefkowski with a view toward resolution of this matter and I have requested the office to provide me with what exactly is necessary for Mr. Lefkowski to install upon his property for purposes of connection.  The office has indicated to me that if Mr. Lefkowski needs financial help, there may be financial help available from the Redevelopment Authority.

  1. 4. RUS

I have sent correspondence to RUS outlining that an additional Addendum will be necessary to the Legal Services Agreement.  I shall keep you advised of this matter as we proceed forward.

  1. 5. TRE Phase 1

Subsequent to the conference call that I reported on last month, the Authority accepted the amendment to the Kleinfelder Study Agreement.  I have not received any further information as to the Phase I Study of the TRE.


  1. 6. Aqua PA Inc.

I have forwarded additional correspondence to Aqua PA Inc. with regard to modifying the Water Service Termination Agreement.  I have not received a reply from Aqua PA.


  1. 7. Dutchland, Incorporated

Correspondence was forwarded to Dutchland, Inc. which I reviewed, however, I do not believe that we have received a response.

  1. 8. Interceptor Project

I have reviewed the correspondence to property owners that have not completed their agreements for work inside their homes an approved the same.  In addition, I reviewed the necessary bond and contract information for the Notice to Proceed to be issued to Standard Pipe.


  1. 9. Bond Counsel
    Bond Counsel has changed firms and the appropriate paperwork has been forwarded to Bond Counsel indicating that we desire to keep him for the duration of the project.


Engineer’s Report

  2. Contract #1 and #2
    1. RUS Submission: February 28, 2018
    2. Permitting:

(1)   PennDOT – Supplement

(a)   Waiting on Revision of Paving

  1. Contract #3 – Interceptor
    1. Contract Information:

(1)   Contractor: Standard Pipe Services

(a)   Subcontractor: Reinfurt Excavating

(2)   Dates:

(a)   Notice to Proceed: January 29, 2018

(b)   Substantial Completion: January 29, 2019

(c)    Final Completion: February 28, 2019

(3)   Contract Amount: $1,792,350.00

  1. Meetings

(1)   Pre-Construction Meeting – January 29th

(2)   Pre-Construction Meeting (Part II) – February 19th

(3)   Progress Meeting No. 1 – March 6th at 1:00

  1. Schedule

(1)   Reinfurt starts Feb. 27th

(2)   Bypass Crew comes up this Thursday

  1. Open Items:

(1)   Court Street Sewer Main (Rutherford Surveying)


  2. Kleinfelder emailed EPA/DEP for meeting to discuss Sampling Plan
    1. Waiting on Meeting Date


  2. Projects:
    1. 2018 Sewer Main Replacement

(1)   Drawings for CWRA Review

(2)   Submit to PennDOT next week

  1. Cliff Street Area

(1)   Under Design

  1. Crestmont Drive Area

(1)   Under Design

  1. Lackawaxen River Interceptor

(1)   Minor Field Work Required – Need River Levels to Lower

  1. SBR Tanks


  1. 4) PA Small Water and Sewer Grant
  2. Delaware St and Lackawaxen River Interceptor Rehabilitation Projects
  3. Submitted, Friday, February 23rd

The Interceptor Project was discussed.  A main line that will be located on James & Dawn Rutherford’s 705 Court St. Honesdale property will be moved to allow for future development on the lot.  After construction as-built plans will be added to the easement filed at the courthouse. Due to a conflict with a water line the sidewalk will need to be replaced in front of the property.



Plant Report

  1. The monthly DMR was presented and reviewed.
  2. JJ Schwarz from Kleinfelder emailed PADEP and U.S. EPA Region 3 requesting a meeting or conference call regarding the Authority’s Metals Study Quality Assurance Sampling Plan.
  3. A discussion was held regarding coating options for the SBR tanks. Three option were reviewed and discussed. Option three offered more wear resistance. Option one and two offered a coating thickness in the range of 16 to 20 mils.  Option three has a thickness of 34 to 46 mils.   The total per tank to coat with option three will be and estimated $271,000.  The project will be put out to bid once financing has been secured. Not all the tanks can be done at the same time. The project will span multiple years.
  4. The monthly grease trap inspection report was reviewed.
  5. The VFD’s in two control panels for the alum pump burnt up.  The reason has not been determined.
  6. The floor drains were not working in the SBR building. The drains were jetted and viewed through the camera, it was determined that a chunk of concrete had blocked the drain pipe. The pipe will eventually have to be dug up to remove the concrete.


On a motion made by George Firmstone and seconded by James LaPoint the Board approved the micro-fiber reinforced high build epoxy system to be used on coating the SBR tanks. Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes                      Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Yes                    Mr. Firmstone, Yes


Collection Report

  1. Standard pipe was on site February 20th and 21st to open some manholes for measurements and pipe sizes. Tried to video some of the line, but will have to bypass pump, cannot see due to the high river flows. Reinfurt Excavating was on site February 20th, 21st, and 22nd. They have issued the first one calls and plan to start on Monday, February 26th with lateral work on 5th Street.


  1. The pump station behind Route 6 Mall was not operating again on February 19th, Mike from Koberlein was notified.


  1. Pump #1 at station B-1 in the trailer park at Cadjaw was jammed with feminine products again.  Pump cutters were cleaned.


  1. Don Johnson reviewed the White Mills plans and specifications book, corrections were made.


  1. Weekly checks have been made on the 14th Street line. Reinfurt Excavating will begin the project once the weather permits.


  1. Our existing sewer camera has not been operating properly. We should look into upgrading to a newer unit.  The last time we sent ours out for repair, they could not fix some issues due to parts being discontinued.


Debt Collection Report

  • 68 initial collection letters were mailed.
  • 36 lien pending notices were sent out.
  • 5 liens will be filed with Wayne County Prothonotary
  • Municipal liens on properties total $30,961.87
  • 4 accounts have pending Sheriff Sales.
  • Water terminations will begin in April.

Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • Reminder letters were sent to property owners that still need to execute agreements with the Authority for internal plumbing work on the Interceptor Project.
  • A letter was sent to Honesdale Borough Council regarding information needed to help keep Authority sewer records accurate.
  • A letter was sent to the Texas Township Supervisors regarding the Old Willow Ave/Brook Road Bridge Project.
  • Tammy Jensen was given permission to attend a 3-credit course at Keystone College.
  • The substantial increase in water usage for Wayne Memorial Hospital over the past 9 years was discussed. The hospital provided meter readings for their cooling tower that recycles the water.   The Authority will be corresponding with the hospital regarding the need to purchase additional EDU’s.


On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by Timothy Moffitt the Board approved the monthly invoices for payment as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. LaPoint, Yes                      Mr. Haggarty, Yes                   Mr. Theobald, Yes

Mr. Brennan, Yes                    Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes



On a motion made by George Firmstone and seconded by Timothy Moffitt the Board accepted an agreement between the Authority and Nancy Gaylord (809 Court St. Honesdale) for the Interceptor Project.   Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                   Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Yes

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                 Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes



On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved the Developer’s Agreement between the Authority, 711 JimLin, LLC, and Louis and Frances Gruber for a sewer main extension.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Theobald, Yes                   Mr. Brennan, Yes                    Mr. Firmstone, Yes

Mr. Moffitt, Yes                      Mr. LaPoint, Yes                      Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Public Comment – none.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for March 26, 2018.





James LaPoint, Secretary

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