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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Vice-Chairman John Haggarty; Secretary James LaPoint; Treasurer John Feik; Assistant Secretary George Firmstone; Assistant Treasurer James Brennan; Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent; Mary Peters, Engineer; Solicitor Anthony Magnotta

Mary Peters, Engineer participated via telephone.





Pledge of Allegiance



On a motion made by John Haggarty and seconded by George Firmstone the Board approved the meeting minutes from September 27, 2021, as presented.

Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Yes                              Mr. Feik, Absent                                  Mr. LaPoint, Yes

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                               Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Yes


Solicitor’s Report

White Mills Litigations

  • The outstanding matters in White Mills are Irwin and Thunberg.  Adams and Nardone have already connected. Peterson is to connect in the near future by Stipulation and Order of Court.  I will be filing a Praecipe to Satisfy the Nardone Judgment.
  • If Mary Irwin has not advised of her intent to connect, we must take this to the next level which is to enforce the Order to connect.  I will discuss this with the Board of Directors at tonight’s meeting.

Gunuskey License Agreement

  • I am awaiting a response from Tony Waldron as to whether Mr. Gunuskey has been granted permission to use the railroad crossing to gain access to his property across the easement which we will be granting him.

Northeast Infrastructure, LLC/Robert Suhosky

  • I have once again corresponded with Attorney Bugaj requesting a metes and bounds description for the sewer line to be conveyed in order that a Deed of Dedication can be completed.

White Mills Restoration and Close Out

  • All documents for close out have been prepared and forwarded to RUS.

Canal Mobile Home Park

  • A telephonic conference was held between the attorneys for the parties and the project engineer as well as Chairman Theobald and James Perano.  It was clear at the conference that Canal Mobile Home Park has no intention of accepting the Leeward Construction bills for work performed on Canal Mobile Home Park lines that were improperly marked or struck during construction.  The conference ended with Canal Mobile Home Park promising to mark up the invoices from Leeward Construction noting which services they believe were unnecessary to be performed by Leeward Construction with respect to the repair work done. As of this writing, I have not received the requested documentation as to what charges they are disputing.  Once received, I will forward it to the Board of Directors and Entech Engineering, Inc. for their review and comment.

SBR Tank Coatings

  • I will refer this issue as to the warranty repairs to be made to Entech Engineering, Inc.  I will advise the Board of Directors that the warrantees on the SBR Tank Coatings are limited in duration and that any scheduled work should be done at our earliest convenience.

Discussion: Notice of Municipal Lien Pending Notices will be sent to the customers involved in the White Mills Litigations.


Engineer’s Report

  2. Outstanding Items:
    1. MHP – Invoices – Waiting on GSP Management
    3. Schedule/Meetings:
      1. Waiting on DEP for Final Walk Through:

(1)  2018 Sewer Main Replacement

(2)  Cliff Street Area

(3)  Lackawaxen River Rehabilitation Project

(4)  SBR Rehabilitation Project

(a)    PennVEST Requested Information

  2. Design/ Permits
    1. PennDOT Permit - Realignment on Terrace Street
    2. NPDES Stormwater - Discussions with Keith at WCD

(1)  Schedule NPDES Stormwater Meeting

  1. 4) Church street sewer main replacement
  2. Design/ Permits
    1. PennDOT – Waiting on Information from PennDOT
    2. 5) toxic reduction evaluation study
    3. Kleinfelder TRE Final Report Submitted to DEP – No Response to Date

Discussion – The one-year walk-through will be scheduled for the 2018 Sewer Main Replacement Project and Cliff Street Projects.  A discussion will be held with Wayne Highlands School District regarding the Crestmont Project and a water line replacement on their property. Mary will be meeting with PennDOT and Wayne County Conservation District regarding the Crestmont Project. The Church Street PennDOT permit will be submitted this week. All four SBR tanks will be drained during 2022 for inspection.  There is a 6–7-month lead time on paint for the tanks. DEP will need to be contacted regarding the draining, and to discuss how the Authority will meet permit requirements during limited tank operations.


Collection System Report

White Mills Area:

  • 1147 Canal Road – Canal MHP – curb stop damaged.  Glosenger Excavating was hired to dig it up repair the curb -stop.  Work is scheduled to be completed on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

E-One Warranty Work:

  • 10/22/2021 – 1145 Canal Road – changed bad control board
  • 10/16/2021 – 695 Texas Palmyra Hwy – White Mills Fire Hall changed switches
  • 10/8/2021 – 660 Texas Palmyra Hwy – changed switches

Plant Report

  • The monthly discharge monitoring and plant reports were reviewed. 
  • The grease trap inspection report was reviewed. 
  • The oxygen probe and controller will need to be replaced in the SBR building.
  • Bryon Killian will be meeting with Authority personnel and an Entech IT person to discuss   security for computer systems.
  • The new shed for the WWTP will be delivered in mid-December.
  • A loose wire in the control panel at the Rt.6 Mall pump station was repaired.
  • The Authority passed the recent wet testing toxicity test.
  • All the pump stations have been recently cleaned.
  • The CSO flow meter report was reviewed.
  • Employee in-house training at the plant is going well.
  • Dan reported that there seems to be a defect with the White Mills grinder pump switches. The tabs are breaking off.

Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • 65 delinquent sewer rent letters have been sent this month totaling $19,935.29.
  • Three Municipal Liens totaling $2,323.55 will be filed with the Wayne County Prothonotary.
  • Four properties are scheduled for water termination in October and December.
  • Municipal liens in the amount of $2,520.18 will be removed.
  • Cherry Ridge Township reappointed James LaPoint to the CWRA Board of Directors for a five-year term effective January 3, 2022.



On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by John Feik the Board approved the monthly invoices for payment as presented. Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Feik, Yes                                       Mr. LaPoint, Yes                                  Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Yes                                Mr. Firmstone, Yes


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.


The Board entered into an Executive Session at 7:10 p.m. Matters of personnel were discussed.

The Board returned to Regular Session at 7:17 p.m. and adjourned the meeting.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 22,  2021.




James LaPoint, Secretary

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