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Meeting Minutes - Meeting Minutes


Chairman Jerome Theobald; Vice-Chairman John Haggarty; Treasurer John Feik; Secretary James LaPoint;    Assistant Treasurer James Brennan; Dan Guinther, Plant Superintendent; Tammy Jensen, Administration; Solicitor Anthony Magnotta



Assistant Secretary George Firmstone

Mary Peters, Engineer – attended meeting via zoom





Pledge of Allegiance


An inquiry was received from the owner of 442 Ridge Street, Honesdale asking for an exemption of sewer rent due to vacancy and no water service.  The Authority Rules & Regulations do not allow for non-payment due to water termination or vacancy. The property owner will be notified.



On a motion made by John Haggarty and seconded by John Feik the Board approved the February 28, 2022, meeting minutes as presented.

Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Firmstone, Absent                        Mr. Feik, Yes                                       Mr. LaPoint, Yes

Mr. Haggarty, Yes                               Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Yes


Solicitor’s Report

  • Gunuskey License Agreement.  I am still awaiting finalization of the Deed of Easement with the Gunuskey family.
  • Northeast Infrastructure, LLC/Cherry Ridge Realty, Inc. I have advised Attorney Bugaj that it would be necessary for an as-built plan with a Deed of Dedication prepared to be reviewed by my office and by the Authority and its consultant Entech Engineering. Entech Engineering issued the Authority a letter stating that the drawing submitted by Mr. Suhosky does not indicate that it is a record drawing.
  • White Mills Project.    Municipal liens have been entered against Alida O’Hara for failure to contact the Authority or my office with reference to outstanding amounts due.  In addition, it appears that Jarl Thunberg has made connection to the system which I believe leaves only Mary Irwin presently unconnected to the system.  Please be advised that we will continue to pursue these matters until full connection is made.
  • U.S. Department of Environmental Protection.  Recently the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency Region 3 Philadelphia forwarded correspondence to the Authority outlining various alleged Clean Water violations and violations of our NPDES permit limits.  The Authority will seek an opportunity to confer with the EPA in an effort to resolve the alleged violations.

Engineer’s Report

  1. 1) 2021 Chapter 94 report
  2. Report Attached
  3. Report due March 31, 2022
    2. USDA Funding
      1. Owner-Engineer’s Agreement Revisions - Approved
      2. Owner-Engineer’s Agreement – Amendment 1 - $23,000 – Need to send RUS Signed Amendment
      3. Design
        1. Bidding - Contingent on RUS Review

(1)  Environmental Review

  1. Permits
    1. PennDOT Permit – Issued
    2. NPDES Stormwater – Submitted

(1)  Under DEP Technical Review

  1. Borough Road Opening Permit - Issued
  2. 3) Church street sewer main replacement
  3. Permits
    1. PennDOT – Waiting on PennDOT
    3. Outstanding Items:
      1. USDA Close Out
    5. DEP Final Inspection occurred 12/16/2021
      1. 2018 Sewer Main Replacement
      2. Cliff Street Area
      3. Lackawaxen River Rehabilitation Project
      4. SBR Rehabilitation Project
    6. 6) EPA – notice of violation
    7. Opportunity to Confer Meeting – a zoom meeting will be held between the Authority and EPA on March 30th.  DEP was not aware that EPA had corresponded with the Authority.

Mary reviewed the 2021 Chapter 94 with the Board. There were four CSO discharges due to large rain events, which was allowed under the Authority’s permit. Average plant flows were 1.08 million gpd – permit allows for 2.1 million gpd.


Collection System Report – Don Johnson

  • Aqua is working on water main and services on Grove Street.
  • Aqua plans on completing work on Sunset, Elizabeth, Korb, Chapel, and lower Ridge Street in Honesdale.
  • UGI plans on completing work on Cliff and Irving Street and Willow Avenue in Honesdale.

Plant Report

  • The monthly discharge monitoring and plant reports were reviewed. 
  • The vac unit still has not arrived.
  • The grease trap inspection report was reviewed.
  • The Authority has stopped accepting hauled in waste. Dan reported that the number of rags has greatly decreased and the plant seems to be operating more efficiently.
  • Process Masters met with Dan to discuss a process to reduce copper in the wastewater. There is no guarantee the system will work. The SBR system works on a timed cycle. The chemicals would be added at certain times. The process would have to be tied into the SCADA system. Chemicals would cost approximately $50,000 per year. There is a $5,000 setup fee that is refundable after one year. The Authority and Entech are still reviewing the situation. The company is working with another SBR plant.
  • Mary called DEP for an update on the TRE submitted in June of 2020. The report is currently at DEP in Harrisburg. The Authority has not had any correspondence from DEP regarding the report.
  • The new screen at the plant has been installed.
  • One of the grinder pumps for the plant has been received from Koberlein.
  • Kevin and Tom will be going to training during April, and a once-a-week course during the summer for 10 weeks.
  • The manholes that were coated during 2021 look really good. The Authority will continue with the coating during 2022.
  • Painting at the plant was discussed. The moisture from the plant makes painting hard to complete.
  • The proposed hotel in Texas Township was briefly discussed.
  • Dan and John Feik attended Honesdale Borough’s recent stormwater meeting.

Administration Report

  • The monthly invoices and financial reports were reviewed.
  • 74 delinquent sewer rent letters have been sent this month totaling $20,868.89.
  • Three Municipal Liens totaling $1,338.69 will be filed with the Wayne County Prothonotary.
  • Two water terminations are scheduled on April 21st.
  • Four Sheriff Sales are scheduled through June.
  • Several customers have applied and are receiving grant funds through the LIHWAP program for past due water and sewer accounts. Authority customers have received $3,733.46 in grant funds.
  • An additional EDU was discovered at 423 Terrace Street. The property owner was sent a connection permit.
  • One property remains to be connected in White Mills. Legal action has been taken and a municipal lien has been placed on the property.
  • Canal Mobile Home Park contacted the Authority about adding additional sewer services.
  • Sheriff Sale correspondence will be sent to several customers with delinquent balances.



On a motion made by James LaPoint and seconded by John Feik the Board approved the monthly invoices for payment as presented.  Motion carried.

Roll Call

Mr. Feik, Yes                                       Mr. LaPoint, Yes                                  Mr. Haggarty, Yes

Mr. Theobald, Yes                               Mr. Brennan, Yes                                Mr. Firmstone, Absent


The meeting was adjourned at 7:09 p.m.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2022.




James LaPoint, Secretary

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