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WWT Plant Expansion - WWT Plant Photos


Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion


The Central Wayne Regional Authority wastewater treatment plant upgrade project follows the recommendations of the Honesdale Borough Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan. The plan recommended an upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment facility, which serves Honesdale Borough, Texas Township, Cherry Ridge Township and Berlin Township, to a capacity of 2.2 million gallons per day. The reason that the existing plant was recommended for an upgrade within the Act 537 Plan is that it is currently hydraulically overloaded. Current flow is approximately 0.4 MGD greater than the current rated design capacity of 1.18 MGD. The Act 537 plan also identified efforts to create a regional authority to construct, own and operate the new facilities. The Central Wayne Regional Authority was incorporated in February 2008 and took over complete ownership of all wastewater assets for Honesdale Borough, Texas Township and Cherry Ridge Township in September 2008 including the existing wastewater treatment plant.


The existing treatment facility, built in 1955, consists of primary clarifiers, trickling filters, final clarifiers and chlorine disinfection and has served the community well since that time. However, the plant was only designed to provide a secondary level of treatment and is also showing signs of moderate to severe deterioration. The expansion of the facility to 2.2 MGD required a higher quality effluent with low levels of BOD, Suspended Solids, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus. These standards necessitated a substantial upgrade of the plant and the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment process. However, portions of the existing treatment plant will still be utilized in the new design in an effort to manage project costs. This includes upgrades to the existing sludge dewatering facilities and the aerobic sludge digesters. The existing secondary clarifier's will be converted to act as additional aerobic sludge holding tanks. The Act 537 Plan identified a 2.2 million gallon per day Sequential Batch Reactor as the most cost-effective alternative due to the small footprint it would utilize on the existing wastewater treatment plant site. The sizing of the SBR allows for a peak hydraulic flow of approximately 6.6 million gallons per day which is just slightly greater than the estimated 6 million gallon per day capacity of the wastewater interceptor leading to the treatment plant. By providing this peak capacity at the treatment plant all overflows from the existing CSO #2 should be all but eliminated.


The entire project cost is projected to be approximately $17,200,000, which is primarily being funded through PennVest in the form of a $11,750,000 low interest loan (30 years at 1%) a $5,050,700 grant and $400,000 local share.


The project will be constructed by three prime contractors, Howard Robson, Inc. (General/Mechanical Contractor), Joyce Electrical Inc (Electrical Contractor), and Optimum Controls Corporation (Process and Instrumentation Contractor) and their designated sub-contractors. These contractors were issued the Notice to Proceed in order to start construction on August 11, 2009 and construction is scheduled for completion on January 14, 2011.


Ground breaking

2009 ground breaking

 Photo by Tom Tresslar, Wayne Digital Memories

A ground breaking was held Friday, September 18, 2009 for the new sewer treatment plant in Honesdale.  From left are Edward Petroski, Entech Engineering: CWRA Board Member James LaPoint (Cherry Ridge Twp.); CWRA Board Member Jerry Theobald (Honesdale Borough); Michael Bedrin, PADEP; CWRA Board Member John Haggarty (Texas Township); Kate Crowley, PADEP; Martin Young, CWRA Chairman (Honesdale Borough),  and Michael J. Gallagher, SR PennVest.



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