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The Authority has undertaken millions of dollars of upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant and sewage collection system since its formation in 2008. Several large projects are currently in design and bidding stages in order to replace and rehabilitate aging systems. One of the areas that the Authority has spent considerable time and funds on has been removing storm and surface water from the collection system. This has resulted in reduced flows at the treatment plant, which in turn helps to reduce operational costs.

A broken or cracked private property lateral allows water to enter the collection system. Due to this statewide problem, PA DEP has recommended that Authorities work with their municipalities to reduce inflow and infiltration problems by having lateral inspections conducted before a property is sold. This inspection will greatly reduce the chance of having an emergency repair in the future.

The Authority requested that all three of the municipalities that form the Authority pass ordinances to require the inspections. CWRA has since been designated by Honesdale Borough, Texas Township and Cherry Ridge Township to enforce the ordinances. Honesdale Borough passed Ordinance 723 on January 17, 2023, Texas Township passed Ordinance 22-1219.2 on December 19, 2022, and Cherry Ridge Township passed Ordinance 12132022A on December 13, 2022. All three ordinances are currently in effect. Once a lateral inspection has been conducted and passed it will be in effect for a ten-year period. If the property sells again during that time period an inspection will not be required.

Prior to a property transfer, a lateral inspection must be conducted by a qualified contractor that can camera the private property lateral and supply the Authority with a completed inspection form supplied by the Authority, and a USB or emailed video of the inspection. If a repair is needed, it must be completed prior to closing, or up to a 90-day extension can be requested by contacting the Authority. The details of a repair and contractor payment can be worked out between the seller and purchaser prior to the property transfer. The property owner is responsible for all costs associated with the inspection and any necessary repairs. The inspection should be considered the same as any other inspection performed prior to the sale of a property.

If you are the Abstract Company or Attorney handling a closing in Honesdale Borough, Texas Township, or Cherry Ridge Township, please contact the Authority as soon as you are notified of a possible sale. If you are the Realtor, please have the property owner begin the inspection process as soon as a property is listed for sale. The Authority has a list of contractors that have cameras to perform inspections. CWRA does not endorse any particular contractor and property owners can hire whomever they choose as long as they have the proper equipment to complete the inspection.

The CWRA Board of Directors appreciates your cooperation and support in order to reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration in the sewage system. The goal is to keep customer sewer rental charges to a minimum by not processing unnecessary storm and ground water at the wastewater treatment plant. Inspections are only required on properties connected to the CWRA sewage collection system.

Please contact the Authority office at 570-647-0275 with any questions.

Central Wayne Regional Authority Board of Directors

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